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It's A Sad Day When Celebrities Have To Explain Weight Gains To The Media

Hi All,

So what's with all the celebrity announcements to the media about possible weight gains? 

Yesterday, Eva Longoria felt compelled to tell us that she had gained weight due to not working from "the writer's strike".  Recently, Rene Zellweger did the same thing, explaining that she was gaining weight for a new Bridget Jones movie. 

I guess it all started when poor Jennifer Love Hewitt defended not being a size zero after her less than perfect, although still bikini photos that most normal women would kill for, became the talk of the internet.  Now celebrities are on the offensive making sure they admit to weight gains before their picture is a problem?

The average Amercian woman is a size 12, so none of these celebrities are in any way overweight.

Personally, I would be a lot more interested in hearing about a celebrity's blood sugar, cholesterol or triglycerides being optimal, and hear them feeling bad and fessing up when they are out of whack.  Then maybe we can have more Americans pay attention to these key health markers instead of commenting on who's a size zero vs. two vs. whatever. 

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