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Update May 2011: Starbucks has stopped calling this drink a Vivanno, and simply refers to it as a smoothie.  Possibly because I was the only one who ever asked for it by that name.  Even the Starbucks workers would say "chocolate smoothie" when taking my order.

Update July 2010:  Still a huge Vivanno fan--in fact I'll sometimes have 2 a day when it's hot outside and I want to cut down on my calorie intake for the day.  Here's another tip on Vivannos--Starbucks makes them with 2% milk.  I now make sure I ask for nonfat milk to make my drink even lighter.  Why not?

Hi All,

So I'm at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas early last Saturday morning, and as much as I was into the material, I am not a morning person--especially a weekend morning person.  Fortunately, the Las Vegas Convention Center did have an on-site Starbucks, so relief was at hand.

I went on line thinking I would have my usual Mocha Light for the caffeine boost without a lot of calories, but my gaze fixed upon a large sign that was promoting something new from Starbucks called Vivanno Nourishing Blends.  Two varieties were offered--chocolate banana (need I say more) and Orange Mango Banana. 

What's a Starbucks Vivanno nourishing blend?  In the case of the chocolate banana Vivanno, it's a whole banana, bittersweet cocoa, 2% milk, whey protein and fiber powder with no artificial sweeteners.  The result is a trim 270 calories, one fruit serving, 21 grams of satisfying protein and 5 grams of fat.  So much more nutrition than just coffee.

But how does it taste?  Freaking delicious!  What a joy to behold on a dragging my butt Saturday morning!  I had it with a Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Bar I brought along at the keynote session, and that held me all the way through mid-afternoon.  The chocolate banana tastes is like having a full fat treat shake, but it's actually good for you comfort food.  Kudos to Starbucks, you should promo the heck out of the Vivanno.  Way to think out of the box!

Have you tried other flavors of Starbucks Vivanno?  You are welcome to leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

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