3 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Lessons Learned, Lesson 3
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Weight Loss Lessons Michael Ventrella Biggest Loser Season 9 Winner Taught Us

Maybe you were thinking the same thing I did when I saw Michael Ventrella take the scale during the first episode of The Biggest Loser Season 9.  How does someone get to be 526 pounds?

I've had my own struggles with maintaining a healthy weight over the years, but we're talking about a worstMichaal biggest loser case scenario of a few pounds, not a few hundred.  I've generally been healthy, but when injuries or an inability to deal with life's challenges other than with food have kicked in at times, I've been vulnerable to small weight gain myself.  But at that time, a natural circuit breaker would kick in and I'd say "enough's enough" and reverse course.  Obviously that didn't happen in Michael's case.

Yet there was something about watching this huge man (the heaviest man ever on the show). do his best to work out at the high level demanded by his Biggest Loser  trainer Bob Harper, that made you respect Michael Ventrella and hope for the best for him.

Each week Michael made progress even as he kept dealing with the emotional demons that had contributed to his weight gain in the first place.  He was eventually able to jog on a treadmill--and I must admit that was something I never tried myself.  So Michael got me jogging on a treadmill.  I figured if a 400-pound man (at the time) could do it, what was my excuse?

I felt for Michael when it was "makeover week" on The Biggest Loser and he had to still go to the "big and tall" store while all the other contestants were shopping for regular sizes.

And I shared Michael's proud sense of accomplishment when he actually finished The Biggest Loser Marathon through a combination of walking and jogging.  Walking a marathon has always been something I wanted to do, and once a leg injury I have heals, I'm going to finally work on training for one! 

And last night,during the Season 9 Finale, when I, along with the rest of America, watched Michael pop through the former image of himself, I couldn't help to think "wow, he's skinny."  And when he took the scale, I just knew he had the number she needed (which turned out to be a whopping 264 pound weight loss, and slightly more than 50% of his original weight).

So what weight loss lessons did Michael Ventrella and his efforts on The Biggest Loser teach us?

1.  It is absolutely possible to work out in some manner no matter what you weigh, and what physical limitations you might have.

2.  It is absolutely possible to lose a huge amount of weight (in his case 264 pounds) through good old fashioned proper diet and extra exercise.

3.  It is absolutely possible to work through your emotional demons that caused extra weight gain, and give them the heave-ho.

4.  It is absolutely possible to get rid of obesity-related illnesses and stop making big pharma rich with endless prescriptions.

5.  It is absolutely NEVER too late to get healthy.

Congratulations Michael Ventrella, The Biggest Loser Season 9 Winner--you're an inspiration to us all.  Keep it up (actually down when it comes to weight).

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